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How to Choose Salon and Spa Equipment


Demand and supply for salon equipment has grown, which means that prices have declined. In today’s market, equipment quality is all over the map, with no industry standards.

This has probably left you confused at one point or another—justifiably so! We’re here to clear things up. Learn about the state of our industry below and follow our tips on how to choose salon equipment.

So, how did we get here?

1. Overseas Production: Producing overseas in China and Europe has its benefits. Generally, we’re able to buy salon equipment at lower costs. In fact, the average price of a chair 30 years ago was twice as much as it is now. However, we’ll see why that’s not necessarily a good thing.

2. No Industry Standard: With no regulations on quality of salon equipment, buyers need to be cautious about what they’re considering for their salon. Generally, a lower price means lower quality.

3. The Internet: It’s difficult to compare quality online with just one thumbnail image. Nothing compares to viewing a piece of furniture in person where you can see the quality of wood versus press board or leather versus synthetic leather. The Internet has been a huge game changer that’s impacted salon equipment, but salon owners need to be extra savvy and smart about what they’re investing in.

How to Make the Best Choice for Salon Equipment

• Think of your customer and what you want them to see and sit in every day.

• Be an informed shopper. Furniture manufacturers should provide information so you can make an educated decision. If they’re not providing what you need, find a customer service number or email for more information. If all else fails, take your business elsewhere.

• Talk to us! Do not hesitate to call us at (906) 424-4597 for support on how to equip your salon with the best options for your specific needs.

• Don’t look at price as the only option; look at warranties and guarantees. Some companies offer a 30- to 60-day warranty while others may provide one to two years. For specific parts like hydraulic pumps in barber chairs, some companies may offer up to 10 years on a warranty.

• Other companies may offer advantages like financing so you can afford items that would otherwise not be in your immediate budget. Making an investment in quality salon furniture will pay off in the long run—you’ll replace items less frequently in the future and your clients will be more comfortable.

Don’t trip over $20 to get to a quarter. Budget matters, but don’t be stingy with small amounts and wasteful with large amounts of money. Spend your money in the areas where it matters the most to your business.

When it comes to salon equipment, you can’t afford to have chairs and furniture that quit on you after four months. These are the most important pieces of your salon, treat them as such and give Salon Equipment Guru a call at (906) 424-4597. Login or register to view pricing on all our offerings.

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