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What You Need to Know Before Opening a Salon


Hairstylists often get their start at a franchise, move on to a well-established salon, and if they’re industrious and entrepreneurial enough, even open their own salons. Follow along with this guide to surviving and thriving while opening a salon.

Start With a Business Plan

No business can operate adequately without a plan. Putting it together is one thing, and executing it is where the success comes in. Consider these questions as when prepping a salon plan.

What’s the Budget?

The budget will make planning easier, because it will determine what you can and can’t do. Compare the costs of renting versus buying the salon space, and estimate the marketing needs, equipment, sundries, appliances, retail, and more.

What are Your Business Goals?

Goals help measure the progress of the business. The beginning may be a bit patchy, but continue writing down what you want to achieve and compare what happened each quarter. Goals will identify what needs to change in order to amplify positive results.

What Type of Salon do You Want to Have?

Will the salon be family-oriented, trendy, high end, or full-service? Different moods and designs will attract different clientele. A great start is focusing on the services you excel in whether it's balayage, blonding, extensions, cutting, or everything in between!

What Products Will the Salon Carry?

Set the business apart from competitors with product lines. Don’t carry brands that are easily accessible through Amazon or worse, the local supermarket. Research and find brands you would want to buy. Solve a problem for clients by purchasing products that excel in functionality and quality.

Who’s Your Salon Dream Team?

As much as we'd like to, we can't do everything on our own. Hiring the proper staff for the salon is crucial; the quality of their work makes or breaks the business. Before starting the interview process, create a list of what the ideal candidate looks like.

Where Can We Find You?

Learn about the surrounding area before selecting a salon location. How easy is it to access the salon? Think about the parking available for employees and customers. Pick a location with good traffic, high visibility, quality shopping, and residential areas.

What Salon Equipment Do You Need?

Once the location is picked, fill up the space! The amount of equipment needed depends on the salon size and the number of employees. A basic checklist of the materials you'll need (and can find at Salon Equipment Guru) for your salon are:

Shampooing Stations
Drying Stations
Storage Space

Expect to spend a lot of time and money to get the salon off the ground. Be willing to accommodate and adapt as you learn what works best for the business. Strategize for growth and ultimately grow a successful business!

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