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Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Pedicure Equipment


Whether it’s a small four-chair salon or a salon that has been around for years, investment is vital to the growth of any business. A pedicure station is a great way to offer clients more options all while benefiting the salon.

Below are reasons why salons should invest in a pedicure station:

1. New Revenue

Adding a new service to the salon, such as pedicures, creates room for growth in the business.

2. Attracts New Clientele

Adding a pedicure station to the salon will bring in new customers who may not have been attracted to the salon otherwise—like men looking for pedicures—thus gaining the salon more service.

3. Marketing

Adding a new service to the salon gives salon owners more content to advertise and market, attracting new customers.

4. Customers

Year-Round Implementing pedicures into the routine of the salon will attract clients during all seasons of the year.

5. More Options

Offering new services brings new options such as a referral program if the salon doesn’t already have it.

6. Impressing Current Clientele

Retaining existing clients is vital for any business, and adding new services may help increase excitement and satisfaction.

7. Add Value at a Low Cost

Adding a pedicure spa to the salon doesn’t have to be expensive. With smart decisions, the value can greatly outway the cost.

8. Build Your Business

Creating new jobs calls for hiring new employees. Adding new headcount = Productivity gains.

9. Social Media

With the new influx of employees, more discussion will happen on social media. The more people are talking about the salon, the more business it will receive.

10. Charge More

The salon is growing, so the pricing of services should change.

Consumers highly demand pedicures because of the relaxing experience, and the results that last for weeks or sometimes months. It also helps promote circulation and decreases the chance of infection due to the clipping, cutting, and cleaning of the toenails preventing them from growing inward.

There are many reasons why adding a pedicure station to the salon is a beneficial investment, from the new revenue and clientele it would attract to the marketing ideas and year-round clientele. There are also many ways to finance salon equipment, such as Beneficial Capital. Stop over at Salon Equipment Guru to shop our pedicure equipment now!

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