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Frequently Asked Questions at Salon Equipment Guru


We sat down with Sales Consultant Deb Behringer from Salon Equipment Guru to go over a few frequently asked questions.

Does SEG offer salon equipment financing?

We work with Beneficial Capital. They offer leasing and purchasing.

What type of warranty does SEG offer?

Each manufacturer has different warranties. Collins, for example, offers 10 years on their bases.

How do I contact Salon Equipment Guru?

You can contact me, Deb Behringer, at (906) 424-4300 or [email protected].

Does Salon Equipment Guru match competitor's prices?

We try to match pricing for the same item, but we cannot match pricing on a product we don't carry.

When will my order be shipped?

It will depend on if the order placed is a custom order. For example, we stock blow-dryers, but chairs are made to order so they will take longer to ship.

What is the status of my order?

 You can always contact SEG for that information.

Does SEG accept returns?

We do not offer returns for custom orders unless the equipment is damaged.

Where will my order ship from?

It all depends on the manufacturer from where the order will ship.

What information does SEG have about equipment installation and usage? 

We have installation and construction information if needed, which can be found on our website. Please call me for any questions related to this topic!

Does SEG offer a discounted price for orders of large quantity? 

We do offer multiple discounts for certain items ordered in bulk.

Where are SEG's products manufactured?

Collins and Jeffco Salon Equipment manufacture their products in Tennessee. Other vendors work with multiple manufacturers.

Salon Equipment Guru has so much to offer for salon owners and their equipment. Learn more by visiting us at our website, or contacting Deb Behringer at (906) 424-4300.

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