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4 Considerations Your Salon Design Must Include


When designing a salon there are a ton of things to consider. Does the wall need a new coat of paint? Should I replace the shampoo bowl? Are the chairs in the waiting room comfortable?

Whether it’s remodeling a new space or decorating and updating an old one, it’s important to consider how the customer thinks. They are the ones receiving a service—they should be happy, satisfied and anxious to return!

Make The Salon Safe 

When customers enter a salon, they should feel safe and comfortable. One basic way to create a safe environment is to comply with building codes and update your salon when needed. Replace broken furniture, stop using that blow-dryer that keeps smoking every time it’s turned on and fix the carpet or floor if it keeps popping up along the seams.

A salon space should always be clean and sanitized as well. A salon is like a school; if one kid sneezes, everyone will get sick. Do customers a favor and send them home with only a haircut, not a cold.   

One other aspect that needs to be considered is young customers. Will a toddler get their hands on that pair of scissors? Is that hot iron within reach of a baby? Could that burning wax fall onto a child's head?

Hang new storage units on the walls to eliminate these fears! Not only will it look extremely cute and optimize space, but young customers won’t be able to get their hands into anything they shouldn’t.

This is a question we seriously want you to consider—is your salon wheelchair accessible? Take a walk around the salon. If at any point you see a staircase without a ramp, create a plan to have one installed. If there are any places in your salon where a customer with a wheelchair would not be able get around, move some furniture to accommodate.

Pick the Perfect Paint Colors 

Did you know that paint colors can create and promote certain emotions? That means special care must be taken when painting the walls of a salon. Read these tips, and learn how to make a salon a relaxing oasis or an energetic social hub.

• Red- This color will energize any room and is known to encourage conversation. However, it is not recommended for an environment that is supposed to be a place for people to unwind or relax as red can be overstimulating.

• Yellow- Here comes the sun! Yellow is a color that promotes happiness. However, it can also stimulate any pre-created frustration, and babies are more likely to cry in yellow rooms.

• Blue- Blue is the most relaxing of the colors. It calms the mind and promotes productivity. Just like the ocean as the waves slide gently onto the shore. Ahhhh. Be careful though, if the blue is too dark, it can make the room feel cold and sad.

• Green- This color is relaxing on the eyes. This natural tone will be perfect for customers with tired eyes from a long day at work. On the other hand, if green is used throughout a whole room it can be overwhelming, especially if it is a neon green. If green is a must-have color for your salon, use it on an accent wall or purchase a soft, muted green paint.

• Purple- Purple can have two different effects. Light purples can create a calming environment, whereas dark purple is dramatic and luxurious. Both have negative and positive effects depending on the environment you want to create. Before buying purple paint, be sure to consider the type of environment you want to promote.

• Orange- This is an energizing color that promotes excitement. While excitement is good, be sure that it is the type of feeling you want people to have when they enjoy your salon. Is your salon supposed to be a place of relaxation or revitalization?

• Neutral Colors- Some colors that fit into this category are black, brown and white. Be careful with black and brown. Generally, these colors are best for accent colors, not as a base. White, however, would be perfect as a base! It matches any color that’s used as an accent.

Mind Your Manners

The things that always brings customers back are employees and managers with good attitudes, kind voices and overall excellent customer service. Be sure to have a team that encourages each other, can laugh and hold conversations with customers and is never in a short supply of smiles. :) 

Salon Decor Inspiration 

The biggest battle can be deciding how a salon should look. Need inspiration? Take a look at these reception desks, waiting rooms and shelves.

Whatever you decide to do the decor of your salon, make sure your equipment is up to date with the latest range of barber chairs, wet stations and vanities from Salon Equipment Guru.

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