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The Best Products to Invest in for Year-End Tax Savings


With the end of the year approaching, salon owners know it’s prime time to take advantage of 2019 tax incentives. Reduce taxes for the business by investing in a new salon chair or an updated look for the waiting area. New salon equipment shows employees that the salon cares about their comfort and tells customers that the salon takes pride in their services. It’s also an easy way to change up the decor without staging a complete overhaul.

Salon Chairs

Relaxation is a high priority in the ultimate client experience. After all, the first thing a customer sees is the reception area. Creating a warm, welcoming environment doubling in comfort keeps customers coming back for more. Luckily, finding quality furniture has never been faster with Salon Equipment Guru. From the reception area to the back bar, we have you covered.

Navigate and choose upholstery and color options with a quick swipe on a cell phone—that’s how conveniently we’ve created our website!

Salon Mats

Stylists stand the majority of their workday, so mats are the first things to wear out. Our anti-fatigue mats make sure stylists don’t get tired as often and also change up the look of the space. However, it’s not all about the salon floor—use mats like the Elite Series ¾-inch behind the reception desk for a more cushioned workspace behind the scenes.

Salon Equipment Guru’s floor mats are made with one-piece polyurethane construction, allowing for beveled edges that will never curl, separate, bubble, or delaminate. A comprehensive five-year warranty also backs them, and their options for personalization are easy to choose. Salon Equipment Guru leaves room for custom ideas for any environment.

Upgrade Today

Employees and clientele look to salon owners to provide them with a relaxing experience. With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s prime time to upgrade and save big on tax incentives to better the salon.

Find all of the best chairs and floor mats by shopping at Salon Equipment Guru. Below are a few examples of products we provide:

Rectangle mat with chair depression
Salon mat without chair depression
Decorative salon mat
Round salon mat

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