Salon Design

Easy and Affordable Ways to Make the Salon Look More Luxurious


Walking into some salons may feel like walking into a Crate & Barrel ad or HGTV show that’s come to life, and it’s not always because of their budget. Yes, it’s possible to create an impressive and expensive looking salon with little money. Keep the following tips in mind while remodeling on a budget, even if that budget is under $100!

First impressions are everything.

What does the environment feel like when guests first enter? Adding a touch of fresh flowers or unique glassware can make a small salon look and feel luxurious at a very affordable price. Offering fresh coffee and water while clients wait is also an affordable and easy way to make them feel welcome.

Add color.

Having white walls can create a cold, dreary atmosphere for clients. Add a pop of color, whether that’s painting an accent wall or changing out the color of the salon chairs. A change in hue can create a huge difference and transform the entire mood of the salon.

Keep bathrooms neat and tidy.

Don’t neglect them. Having a well-kept station won’t mean anything to a client after they come back from a smelly, unwashed restroom. Toss any discolored whites, and replace with vibrant fluffy towels that will leave the customers feeling impressed.


Be minimal! Invest in quality decor instead of purchasing multiple cheap items that will only last a few years.

Mirrors create visual space.

If a small salon is the issue, adding a few mirrors creates the illusion that the room is larger than it is.

Overall, creating a salon that looks luxurious at an affordable cost is easy and painless with these ideas. Adding a simple pop of color can create a significant difference in the look and feel of the client’s experience. Check out Salon Equipment Guru for more ideas on how to spice up the salon on a budget.

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