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Learn the Differences Between Imported and U.S. Salon Chairs


Purchasing new salon equipment must consider many factors. Learning where to buy quality, yet affordable equipment should be the first step. Do the math—Do you want to pay less for something that will break soon or invest in a chair that works for many years to come?


Ensure the salon is getting the best bang for its buck. Most imported salon chairs only have a one-year warranty, versus U.S.-made chairs that generally come with a five-year warranty.

More specifically, Collins has the best warranty in the industry with a lifetime warranty on their barber chairs and ten years on salon chairs.

How To Make a Chair Last Longer 

Many things can be done to ensure salon chairs are kept looking and feeling brand new.

  • Maintenance — Always lower the chair before helping a client to and from the station.
  • Customers should never use the footrest as a step as this may cause the chair to become unstable.
  • Wipe down the salon chair after every use.It’s not only common courtesy but good hygiene too.
  • Periodically tighten screws on chairs to avoid damage to the base
  • Leather oil or conditioning.

 New Versus Used

Buying a used U.S.-made chair is often better than buying a new imported chair. Chairs constructed in the U.S. contain more durable materials like leather and wood that can withstand some wear and tear. (Not to mention, a lot of time and care put into the assembly.) When purchasing an imported chair, make sure the product description includes fabric and construction details, and avoid products built with cheaper fabrics and particle board that fall apart faster.

Imported chairs may be a more inexpensive way to furnish the salon, but remember the price almost always reflects the quality.

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