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3 Easy Upgrades to Turn a Salon Into a Spa


Determining what it takes to switch the salon into a spa isn’t easy, but we’re here to help! We have everything needed to create more services and revenue for the salon. Check out our in-depth list below.

Hours of Operation

Determining if the salon’s hours of operation are going to change should be one of the first steps in transitioning into a spa. Ensure that staffing needs are fulfilled to keep up with the demand for new services. Will the salon be open later into the night, and on Sundays to fill new clients?


Setting the appropriate pricing for services is just as crucial as determining new hours of operation. If prices are set too low, the profit potential will be limited, but if they are set too high, the number of people who can afford the spa treatments may be limited.


Transitioning a salon into a spa doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Upgrade a manicure and pedicure into a spa treatment with a simple body scrub, mud, hot towel application, and a longer massage. Equipment like pedicure chairs can be upgraded with features like whirlpool jets to allow for a more luxury and relaxing experience.

How Can Salon Guru Help?

We have access to hundreds of pedicure options and partner with Beneficial Capital to assist with any financial needs. In 2018, 95% of Beneficial Capital’s business was for the beauty industry! Contact them at [email protected] for more information from one of their consultants!

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