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How to Update Your Salon Equipment After COVID-19


Among the numerous changes in protocol for scheduling, appointments, pricing, and retail, the salon may need to update equipment to protect customers during their visit. When salons fully reopen after the COVID-19 shutdowns, get help from Salon Equipment Guru.

Some salons may struggle to remain open, let alone have the money to invest in new equipment. For any equipment purchases, a beauty-specific lender like Beneficial Capital may be a good fit. Read on to learn more about how to update salon equipment after COVID-19.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Equipment

Before considering equipment, salons need to determine what services they can and cannot provide. This will determine the salon layout and equipment needs. For example, if the salon decides to forgo smoothing treatments, as they require blow-drying, perhaps the salon can turn the area for smoothing treatments into a makeshift hair color processing station.

After the services are ironed out, it’s time to reposition the furniture. When reorganizing the salon, move the equipment around to create natural barriers. If you’re looking at going front desk-less, now is the time to consider selling the clunky furniture, or upgrading an old reception counter for a cleaner, newer look. Other barriers like shower curtains may provide a cost-effective alternative to glass and plexiglass dividers. Rotate staff’s schedules based on where their chair is located. For example, stylists with stations next to each other work every other day to minimize exposure.

COVID-19 Salon Equipment Update Checklist

Here is a checklist of how to update salon equipment after reopening from COVID-19 shutdowns.

Back Room and Color Bar

• As more towels may be used than normal for sanitary purposes, consider more towel storage as a way to keep a clean and sterile environment.
• Consider a UV sterilizer for tools used on every client like combs, brushes, etc. Instruments are ready for use after one hour of sterilization.
• An infrared color processor will develop clients’ color faster, a much-needed upgrade to service as many clients as is safely possible after reopening the salon.

Stylist Stations

• A partition panel is a gold standard for cleanliness in salons that have reopened after coronavirus shutdowns. Salon Equipment Guru has three partition panel options for salons.
• Move stylist stations six feet apart, or block off every other station, so stylists can work comfortably and within federal and state distancing guidelines.
• Consider stylist stations with minimal surfaces for easy sanitization.
• Use the shelves on existing stylist stations to rotate products and tools, with a shelf for “dirty” and “clean” stylers and appliances.
• Salons may want to consider purchasing a few portable styling stations for ease of use and portability around the salon.
• Once a stylist chair has cracked, whether it’s PVC, leather, or vinyl, that material can be nearly impossible to disinfect properly. We advise on replacing this chair to maintain a clean appearance and to protect customers from the risk of infection.
• For easy cleanup of hair and debris, invest in salon mats. They also reduce foot and back pain—something that stylists will especially feel after being out of work for a few months.

Shampoo Bowl

• This Collins Spray Hose allows you to use your shampoo bowl as a handwashing sink as well as a shampoo bowl because of it's downward facing orientation.
• Consider motion-activated faucets to control sanitary conditions in areas like the color station and guest restrooms.
• Disposable chair covers can be useful at the shampoo bowl, salon chairs, and anywhere stylists need a quick way to keep cleanliness under control.
• Replace cracked neck rests that may harbor bacteria with a comfortable, universal gel cushion.

Reception and Waiting Area

• Use a Client Protection Shield at the front desk or at manicure stations to offer an additional barrier from any airborne particles in this heavily trafficked area.
• While we advise asking customers not to bring coats into the salon (and to not wait in the waiting area until more information is known about the coronavirus), the salon may need to invest in multiple coat racks to keep stylists’ and customers’ belongings separate.
• Sometimes, the appearance of cleanliness is just as important as the actual cleaning and sterilizing. To make the best efforts at a visibly clean salon, update the waiting area chairs. It’s often the first impression customers have, and it only takes a second to make guests cringe or feel comfortable.
• Now is the time to consider contactless payment, or even going front desk-less.

We hope these ideas have given salon owners direction on what to rearrange and repurpose when it comes to salon equipment. We hope to make the transition from being closed to reopening after COVID-19 shutdowns as easy as possible. For any questions, please contact us at Salon Equipment Guru.

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