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Five Ways to Make the Salon Ultra-Welcoming and Comfortable in 2021


Salon interior design has always been a critical aspect of creating an on-brand experience that makes clients want to spend time in the salon. And as the world reopens and clients begin returning to the salon, interior design has never been more important.

The spaces we create subconsciously influence how we feel, so it’s crucial to get them right. Whether you’re looking to do a minor facelift or you’re starting from scratch with a new salon, consider the ideas below to maximize client experience this year.

Incorporate Natural Elements

It’s safe to say that 2020 taught us all how to appreciate the outdoors a little more. Bring that feeling into the salon by incorporating natural elements like wood and stone. Live plants not only make us feel connected to the outdoors, but they can also literally bring a breath of fresh air to the space by contributing to air purification. Consider earth tones for a relaxing and naturalistic atmosphere.

Include faux flower accents for a pop of color and a sense of spring and summer where appropriate—just make sure to keep them dusted, so they don’t become an eyesore.

Consider Lighting Options Carefully

The right lighting can make or break the “feel” of a space; lighting that is too harsh can overwhelm a room and make clients uncomfortable. Lighting that is too dark or dull can make clients feel like they’ve stepped into a cave. Opt for lighting that feels soft and comfortable but still illuminates the space as needed. Take advantage of natural light if you have it, but be careful to avoid the harsh feeling of direct rays.

Be sure not to overlook light fixtures: They can either add to or detract from the vibe. Make them hidden for a clean feel, or make a statement with something bold!

Make Retail Shine

Don’t let the retail space feel like an afterthought. Make it an inviting space that encourages browsing. Give the retail area its own dedicated space, so clients are free to browse without feeling like they’re in the way or that they need to rush. Make sure to dust and reset this area often, so it doesn’t feel stale or neglected.

Create Inviting Workstations

Dated styling chairs and workstations are a thing of the past. Invest in quality styling chairs or barber chairs that look clean and feel comfortable. Select modern workstations that not only look good but that are designed with functionality in mind, so stylists love them too.

Make the Space Yours

A clean and inviting space doesn’t have to sacrifice personality. Avoid a sterile-feeling environment by incorporating on-brand elements such as unique salon furniture, creative accent walls, and decor. Embrace the space and take advantage of existing brick walls, high ceilings, and industrial elements.

Welcome clients back in 2021 with an inviting space that makes them want to stay a while! Shop everything from reception desks to shampoo bowls at Salon Equipment Guru.

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