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Get Salon Equipment Ready For Back to School & The Holiday Season!


The back-to-school season is in full swing, and before we know it, the holidays will be here. As salon owners prepare for these bustling times, it can be easy to forget some of the equipment salons rely on every day to continue running smoothly.

Use the list below as a guide to double-check and repair salon equipment staples so stylists aren’t left scrambling when things get crazy.


Prepare the backwash area to function at full capacity; stylists waiting around for their turn is time and money lost. Give chairs and shampoo bowls a once-over, replacing any that aren’t properly functioning. Consider upgrading those that appear shabby or worn.

Don’t forget to check and replace backwash hair traps, faucets, and hoses as well.

Station Essentials


A good mat is the best way to beat fatigue during a long day behind the chair. Make sure stylists can remain comfortable by replacing station mats as needed.


Check styling chairs for wear, tears, and cleanability. Replace any that don’t meet the standard.


Clients have higher expectations after the pandemic, so be ready to meet them; clients want to see a clean, organized environment.

Invest in extra salon storage for towels, tools, and product if things are looking cluttered; from permanent fixtures to portable caddies and storage towers, there are tons of options to fit any salon layout.

Manicure & Pedicure Stations

Go over pedicure stations and make sure they are functioning correctly and at full capacity; out-of-order equipment reflects poorly on the salon and takes up space that could otherwise bring in revenue, so replace any that aren’t functioning. We love the massage functionality and sleek design of the Anzio Pedi Spa with 6-Mode Massage.

Make sure manicure tables are clean and fully stocked. Don’t forget salon equipment sanitizers, too.

Reception Area

Does the reception area have everything it needs? Does the reception desk look tired or damaged? This area is the first thing clients see, so make a good impression! If necessary, invest in a new desk and cabinets to reduce clutter and create an inviting space.

As the busy season approaches, don’t forget to check over staple salon equipment, repairing and replacing any as needed to ensure the salon can function seamlessly even when things get busy.

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