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How To Update Salon Technology and Services for 2019


A majority of salon services were perms and colors around 30 years ago, and now that's transitioned to highlights, lowlights, texture services, and facials, to name a few. Even the length of time a customer will wait between salon appointments has increased to eight weeks. Decades ago, that number was once a week.

As the beauty industry changes, salons must update their technology and service menus to adapt to customer needs. Let's take a look around the salon at what to update for 2019.

Reception Desk

Internet! Transferring to an online booking site or introducing a salon management software will save the salon time and help with organization. Ensuring the front desk is up to date and looking inviting is crucial as this is usually the first impression on a client coming in for the first time.

Retail Area

Keeping products locked up behind the counter is a thing of the past. Clients like to be able to look, feel, and smell the products they are interested in purchasing. Determining how to implement a retail bar, if not already, is a great way to bring in extra profit.

Dispensary Bar

The preferred location of the dispensary bar has changed! Customers now enjoy being more involved and seeing what stylists are mixing. Color bars are becoming a more popular option.

Dry and braid bars are becoming more of a trend as well and a way to create uniqueness within the salon. Selfie stations are an excellent way for salons to amp up their social media pages.

Stylist Stations

The communal design is becoming more popular than ever, instead of each stylist having a station. The front of the station has a full-length mirror, and the right side holds all the tools. This setup saves room, promotes the stylists to speak with someone new every day, and reduces complaints because everything is communal.

Spa Area

Spa treatments are becoming more tailored to different requests. Having the right equipment and knowledge on how this part of the beauty industry is changing is vital to retain and attract new clients.

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