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Why Spas are Adopting Gender-Neutral Designs


While some spas have traditionally targeted women, those businesses will have to adapt their strategy, as men are visiting spas just as often as women.

The percentage of men receiving spa services has jumped in the past 15 years. In 2017, 49 percent of spa customers were men, up from 29 percent in 2005, according to The International Spa Association.


Any spa-goer is overwhelmed with the bevy of choices on a services menu. When it comes to selecting a hot stone massage or a water therapy session, not everyone has the time to or the wherewithal to differentiate the benefits. Spas are cutting back on their service offerings and opting for a more personalized service once the client comes in. For men, these small service menus provide relief, especially when it’s their first treatment. A narrowed-down selection gives clients time to focus on one step of the process at a time.

Since men can focus on one treatment and work their way toward a more individualized service, spa professionals benefit when it comes to ingredients and techniques. A simple menu also benefits men, because they can better choose the assistance they need on the day of the treatment, instead of picking something months before.

Relaxation Area

Gender-neutral spa design plays a big part in whether male clientele feels comfortable receiving services. Spas are cautioned to stay away from flowers and fragrances that are ultra-feminine. Clean lines, minimalism, and scents like sandalwood or cedar still emphasize relaxation without being overly masculine.


Leaving the comfort of a hot tub or sauna to find that a restroom requires a walk past a public lobby or a hike in the other direction is frustrating. Instead of separating men’s and women’s bathrooms, some spas have opted to switch to unisex, so nobody has to wander too far.

Changing Areas

European countries are familiar with unisex changing rooms, and North American spas are slowly starting to adopt the concept, with rules of etiquette and private changing cubicles. Many resorts are also enlarging their male changing rooms that have traditionally been smaller than the female areas.

Regardless of gender, everyone deserves to rest and relax. Spas will receive more customers if they tailor their services and structures toward women and men. Learn more about salon and spa equipment at Salon Equipment Guru and get started with renovations.

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