Salon Equipment

Ergonomics for Stylists and Nail Salon Professionals


It can be hard to honestly know how to prepare a salon environment that is safe and comfortable for stylists and their clients. We have laid out a few different things you can do as a salon owner to better care for your workers and their bodies.

Ergonomic Friendly Chairs for Stylists

Stylists should have the option of sitting down when needed. The QSE Ergo Tall Stool is large enough to leave a one-inch gap between the hips and the edge of the chair, which will prevent strain, and the padded seat doesn't create pressure points. It also has a 10-inch vertical adjustment and can be customized in the color of your choice.

Ergonomic Pedicure Station

Our Bravo Pedicure Spa ensures maximum comfort with a footrest that is up high enough, so the nail tech is not working below their knees. It’s crucial never to bend the back forward more than 30 degrees and to try sitting in a neutral position e.g., a 90-degree angle.

Ergonomic Salon Mats

Adding just an extra inch of comfort to the floor makes a huge difference when standing for hours every day. Smart Step Salon and Barber Mats, backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, can be customized by size, shape, and color.

It’s easy to put more focus on mastering the skills of being a hairstylist, creating a conversation with clientele, and becoming masters of retail sales than on ergonomic equipment. Still, none of that will mean anything without placing a priority on healthy ways of working. Be sure to widen your stance, keep elbows below shoulders, and wrists slightly bent for the best outcome. Also, check out Salon Equipment Guru and call us at (906) 424-4401 for more ergonomic salon equipment options for the salon.

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