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Good, Better, and Best Pedicure Spas


Depending on the current services available at the spa or salon, new and experienced pedicurists can offer a variety of services through equipment. Offer a menu that presents different levels of spa experiences, so clients can choose the one that best meets their needs and budget. We broke down our best-selling pedicure spas to take out the guesswork of which equipment pairs best with each service.

Footsie Bath - Good

The Collins QSE Footsie Bath Foot Spa comes complete with a tray, carrier basket, and a 10 pack of liners. The deep six-inch bowl makes the perfect spot for a proper therapeutic soak and features heat and vibration settings to enhance the relaxing experience. This option is great for beginners, those who perform pedicures on-location, or those wanting to offer an easy add-on service in the salon. Here are some additional benefits to consider:

• Disposable liner system for a 100% sanitary pedicure experience.
• Retractable cord and four-position control knob: heat and vibrate, heat only, vibrate only, and off.
• Lightweight and durable foot bath with double heating elements.

Pipeless Spa Cleo GX - Better

Take the spa experience up a notch with the Cleo GX by Pibbs. This pipeless spa combines the simplicity of design with quality components, featuring a full-function, five-setting shiatsu massage system, fold-away armrests for convenience and ease of access, adjustable armrests, and an adjustable footrest cushion to increase the level of comfort. Make it match the salon area with a variety of basin, base, and chair color choices! Here are more main features:

• DuraJet III pipeless whirlpool jet in a handcrafted fiberglass base.
• Color light therapy.
• Nine sequential LED lighting system.
• Dual-function chrome shower spray.

Bravo Pedicure Spa - Best

The Bravo sets a new benchmark for affordable luxury. Offer the best of the best with this quiet, sanitary, and easy-to-clean pipeless pedicure spa. The glimmering glass basin is also resistant to cracks, stains, and scratches, containing a dual-function sprayer that fills the basin and extends for handheld use. Include a glass of wine or chilled beverage to put the acetone resistant trays and cup holder to use as the client sits back and relaxes.

• Full shiatsu back massage system.
• Pivoting arms and pivoting foot and leg support.
• A pipeless jet system with crack- and stain-resistant tempered glass.
• Two manicure trays.
• Made 100% in the U.S.

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