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Salon Sanitation in a Post-Pandemic Era


As salons around the country reopen, sanitation is top of mind for salon owners and stylists, but managing it with heightened awareness can seem overwhelming in the face of our other endless to-do lists. So here are a few tips to keep your salon and stations clean and comfortable as you welcome clients back to the salon.

Use Sanitation Tools To Make the Job Easier

The need to clean everything means you’ll want to automate as much as possible. So take advantage of the following tools to help lighten the load.

Towel Steamers

Constantly washing towels for facials, massages, and other applications is time-consuming. However, AYC Equipment’s Dermalogic Towel Steamer 360 does quick work of sanitizing large quantities of towels (up to 360 at a time!). Plus, it has several features that make it fast and easy to use—automatic shut-off, low water level warning, and adjustable temperatures.

Salons with less towel volume can still take advantage of towel steamers; AYC Equipment offers steamers several capacities to a perfect fit, no matter what the salon’s need.

Tool Sterilizers

Tool sterilizers take the mess and time out of the tool and implement cleaning. The AYC Dermalogic Autoclave Sterilizer is perfect for everything from scissors to cuticle pushers—just place tools in the included stainless steel implement box and let the sterilizer do the work.

Minimize Contamination With Partitions

Separate individual stations with partitions to make clients feel more comfortable while minimizing germ spread between areas.

For nail stations, consider a client protection shield like Collins to separate the manicurist and client while still allowing them to interact face-to-face.

Make Sanitation a Habit

The easiest way to prioritize sanitation is to make it a habit and make it as easy as possible to carry out. This might mean making checklists with hourly, daily, and weekly cleaning and disinfecting schedules, having a dedicated sanitation cart at each station, or simply ensuring that the right tools are always at hand.

Introduce protocols at each type of station for sanitizing between clients so that the station is always fresh and disinfected for the next client. Use spatulas and other tools for removing product from containers to avoid contamination. And remember that even soft surfaces require disinfection.

For shared areas such as the reception area or retail space, assign a rotating cleaning schedule to ensure accountability; everyone should be on the same page with the salon’s sanitation expectations.

Stay Organized

Disarray can quickly lead to unsanitary conditions. So now more than ever, salon owners and stylists need to get—and stay—organized.

Use storage caddies to cut down on clutter and give all tools, towels, and products a dedicated space.

Make certain disinfectants are always stocked and readily available. Instruct stylists on proper use, including contact time, if necessary.

While reopening after the pandemic is a sigh of relief for salon owners and stylists everywhere, the post-pandemic world requires extra precautions and procedures to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone. So log in or register with Salon Equipment Guru to shop sanitizing tools, partitions, storage, and more!

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