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How to Sell Retail in the Salon


Selling retail is a vital part of the salon appointment. Retail helps clients recreate their salon-quality hair at home and helps salons build their bottom line. After all, your retail should pay your salon’s rent. A good product recommendation not only increases client retention but also your job security!

1. Use Products in the Chair

The most successful way to sell retail is to recommend the product while the customer is in your chair. Engage the client during the appointment by demonstrating and using the product you want them to purchase.

Don’t sell, educate! By teaching them about the product and how to style their hair, you won’t be taking extra time out of the appointment and you’ll be educating them on how to keep their hair looking like they just walked out of the salon. It shouldn’t feel like selling because it’s not!

2. Purchase Products You Believe In

Whatever brand you decide to stock your shelves with, make sure it’s one you believe in and can back up. If you choose products you love, the products will sell themselves because they align with your salon’s vision. You won’t be selling, you’ll be recommending products that can solve your client’s problems.

Ask yourself why you’re deciding on a certain brand for your salon. Are they or the distributor providing you with additional education, business building, and support? Will the products set your salon apart? If you’re offering the same brand that the salon down the street sells, you’ll need to learn and promote your point of difference.

3. Play with Product!

To recommend and prescribe products to your clients, you should use them and know what works for each hair type and client. This knowledge will also be the point of difference that separates your products from products that customers can buy in the drug store.

Explain all the information to your clients and provide the special ingredients and technology behind your products so you can build a level of trust with customers.

4. Consultation is Key

Asking clients questions before the appointment starts is vital. What problems do they have with their hair? What is their styling routine like? What do they like and dislike about their hair?

An open, honest consultation will build a relationship that’s important to the continuation of your business. The more you listen closely, the more you can determine where their problems lie and diagnose the correct product to solve their problems.

5. Get Educated

Salon owners, remember that nothing motivates stylists more than education. They will not be motivated to sell based on money. Teach and train them in the newest techniques to keep them passionate about educating their clients!

Product advice and demonstrations, coupled with continued education and a strong brand alignment will ensure that your salon is in it for the long haul. Pick up the perfect equipment to compliment your new sales strategy at Salon Equipment Guru.

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